East meets West, Medical meets Energetic, Licensed Massage Therapy for the Rockaway Community.

Trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Medical, Thai, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Sports, Oncology Massage, Myofascial,  and energetic therapies Reiki, Craniosacral and Polarity- my unique integrative sessions weave all these modalities into a personalized therapeutic treatment plan fitting your body and mind needs.


"  I have been receiving massages for over a decade locally and when on vacation.  Catherine is the most professional, effective massage therapist I have ever had.  She knows how to manipulate the muscle groups to achieve the benefits of having a healthier, relaxed body every time.  She combines this with her holistic approach to health which brings a sensibility to the experience that is unique.  I highly recommend her to anyone considering trying a massage or has a history of including massages in their life style.  Simply put she is a healer."   -Howard Hill (Neponsit)"
"Catherine Yeager is a holistic massage therapist.  She is in tune with all that is happening in the body, not only the muscles.  She "feels" energy blocks and works to make all flow.  As a result, you leave the session feeling balanced and refreshed."- Paulette Manusco (Belle Harbor)
"During many years of involvement in holistic health, I have been lucky enough to meet a few practitioners who truly have the gift of healing.  Catherine is one.  From my very first visit to her for a full body massage, I knew immediately that this was more than just that.  I feel Catherine connects with her patients that goes far beyond what is being presented on the surface.  Her touch is more than therapeutic, it is diagnostic, and she acts on that intuition and skill that is nothing short of gifted.  For me, her ability to not be bound by a menu of treatments, but to sense what I need on any given day (different at all times) makes every visit to her way more than just pampering.  Each session is custom designed for me on that day, unique and always just what my body is calling for, whether or not I know it!  A totally incredible experience!-  Francine Benjamin (Belle Harbor)
"At 76 I have had more than a few massages. I have never experienced a practitioner remotely comparable to Catherine Yeager by virtue of strength, sensitivity, and scholarly knowledge of what she is doing. Much is now being made of our neighborhood’s attributes and attractions. Limited to two, I would recommend the luscious grilled octopus served at the Belle Harbor Steak House and a Catherine Yeager massage. Limited to one, it is Catherine in a walk."- Jeffrey M (Belle Harbor)

"No matter what shape you are in when you arrive for your massage,  Catherine will treat you with such loving care and kindness that healing and relaxation will instantly set in and last far beyond your time on the massage table. Catherine understands body work at an amazingly deep level, so she is able to both access and address your specific and individual body needs. She is a genuinely beautiful person and an amazing healer. You will want to return again and again and I highly recommend that you do." Liz Palombo (Neponsit)

"My oncologist highly recommends massage therapy, especially after chemotherapy and other treatments I have receive.  Catherine always asks me about recent treatments, medications I am taking and if there are any parts of my body that are in distress.  From there she works her magic by combining various massage techniques, customized to address these areas.  Catherine adds a spiritual approach in a very comfortable environment.  She cares about her patients and works hard to achieve their well being   I walk out feeling like a new person." -Pat (Belle Harbor)

Although I really never write reviews, I feel compelled to acknowledge Catherine. Whether it's for relaxation or therapy I have had the greatest experiences after a massage with Catherine.  She is so knowledgeable in the anatomy of the body as well as health related issues & addresses each in a most healing manner.  My husband experienced severe injuries resulting from an accident as well as circulatory issues and said that Catherine has helped him more than any therapy he's had in the past.   She knows exactly where the tight and troubling areas are, without being told, by the time I leave I'm feeling like a million bucks!
Most importantly, Catherine is such a caring & loving person. I feel blessed to know her!-  Debra S.Z. (Belle Harbor)

"The massages Catherine gives me are awesome. She is skilled in assessing where I am tight and off and for some time after a massage I feel much better.
She follows my breath and has this ability to stay with me ,much like a Thai massage.  She uses multiple modalities,heat,hot rocks ,etc.  Above all she is warm and makes me relax."  - Carl F. (Belle Harbor)

"Catherine Yeager is gifted with "healing hands".  I always feel great when I leave her after a massage, definitely at my most relaxed. I am a double above knee amputee and I have many issues with my back and neck and I count on Catherine to suggest exercises or stretches that may help me in between massages. Getting a massage from Catherine is a great way to relax and rejuvenate!"- Liz Shea (Brooklyn)



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